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WORHP 1.12 released ⌚ 2018-02-09

We're pleased to announce WORHP v1.12, which brings a few new features.

New Windows Packages

While previous versions came in a MinGW and a Visual Studio flavor, 1.12 now comes with a 32 bit and a 64 bit ZIP package which includes

While the previous Visual Studio package required 2013 or newer, WORHP now also works with Visual Studio 2010 (we recommend you to use 2017 though).

If you find any regression with these new builds, please don't hesitate to contact us.

New Linux Packages

Fedora 27 and Debian 9 packages were added, Fedora 24 has been removed.

Other Changes

The SQP algorithm can now use the user provided information about the type of the general constraints to automatically disable relaxation for linear constraints, which can result in significant performance gains. In order to provide this information, the GType member of the OptVar structure has to be set by the user. More information can be found in the users' guide.

In addition to that, several minor bug-fixes were applied, mostly concerning the iteration output.