The current WORHP developer team is made up of
Prof. Dr. Christof Büskens
Dr. Matthias Knauer
Sören Geffken
Renke Schäfer
Marcel Jacobse

Further contributions are due to our industrial partners who use and test our solver, and point out potential improvements to us. WORHP has benefitted from feedback by
Astos Solutions
EADS Deutschland GmbH, TCC4-SI, München

Lots of young scientists have contributed to WORHP since 2006, either as members of our working groups, or during one of our development retreats. We are grateful for the various contributions of
Dr. Martin Kunkel Dr. Tim Nikolayzik Dr. Patrik Kalmbach
Benjamin Frank Dr. Björn Hüpping Dr.-Ing. Dennis Wassel
Dr. Bodo Blume Dr. Jan Tietjen Dr. Jan Vogelsang
Anna Kemper Vasco Niendorf Steffen Peter
Janet Jacobi Oliver Kunst Iris Oldenburg
Henning Lieder Pablo Thiel Kemal Yildiztekin
Bernd Schneider-Kewenig Leo Dostal Mathias Linden
Eggert Rose Thomas Lehmann