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As a commercial user of optimization software, you are surely aware of the complexity of applying mathematical optimization to real-life problems.
Our workgroup can offer a lot more than the pure optimization software. We can, and have done so before, accompany you in the whole development and deployment process of mathematical optimization for your product. Namely

  1. Modelling & Simulation: Create a mathematical model that simulates the process to optimize sufficiently well to be meaningful, and meets the high regularity and precision demands of mathematical optimization
  2. Identification: Apply parameter identification to those parameters in the model that are either unknown, or not known to sufficient precision, using only real (measured) data and the model output.
  3. Optimization: This is the domain of WORHP.
  4. Optimal Control: Apply the mathematical methods of Optimal Control Theory to the problem, paired with numerical expertise and years of experience, to numerically produce reliable and precise optimal controls.
  5. Parametric Sensitivity Analysis: The application of advanced mathematical theory yields precise measurements of the sensitivity of the model to external perturbations or internal model deficiencies, which can be used to improve the model or guide design decisions.
  6. Real-Time Optimization and Optimal Control: Using the results of the Parametric Sensitivity Analysis, even complex models can gain Real-Time abilities when deployed on embedded hardware.
  7. Feedback Control: Using all the previous data and model knowledge, we can construct Optimal Feedback Controllers that are able to maintain a high degree of optimality even for unforseeable perturbations.

If you are interested in finding out more about our additional services, please get in touch without any obligation.

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