How to get WORHP

WORHP is developed and distributed by Steinbeis Forschungszentrum für Optimierung, Steuerung und Regelung.


Due to limited platform and compiler availability, there are some restrictions on the interfaces/platforms that we can provide binaries for. You can take a look at the currently available builds of WORHP, and the reasons and rationale, why not all platform/compiler pairs are available:

  • Minimum supported GCC version is 4.4, since older versions lack some language features.
  • Minimum supported Visual Studio version is 2010, since older versions lack some language features.
  • Since binaries linked against MATLAB have compatibility issues between different MATLAB versions, and Mathworks themselves cannot provide a compatibility matrix, we now ship the code with documentation and scripts to compile it for your very MATLAB version.
  • Mac binaries are built on OSX 10.9 Intel-Macs using GCC from MacPorts, and should be backward-compatible to 10.6.
  • cygwin is not supported at all, since its GPL licensing model is incompatible with WORHP's proprietary license.


Licenses are available for academic and commercial users.

  • Academic licenses are issued free of charge, without guaranteed support – we do try to help, of course, and the user manual is quite extensive.
  • Academic licenses are issued to expire after one year, and are amenable to renewals.
  • When you publish results generated with WORHP –in particular if your focus is on comparison of NLP solvers– we ask you to do the following:
    • Give us some kind of notice; if WORHP is featured prominently, a preprint or similar would be appropriate
    • Cite us using our contributed book chapter, or any other publication you prefer
    • Provide a link to this homepage