Direct Communication

The traditional "call-once" communication paradigm.

Traditional Interface

The traditional interface is aimed at users using Fortran 77 or C/C++ who want to use WORHP as a replacement for a traditional NLP solver with only minimal adaptions to their source code.

It offers less control over solver settings then the Unified Solver Interface, but is more intuitive for programmers used to traditional NLP solvers.

Basic Feature Interface

The BFI is aimed at Fortran 95 and C/C++ users who value the conciseness of the Unified Solver Interface, but do not want or need the advanced flexibility offered by the Reverse Communication paradigm.

Matlab Interface

The Matlab® interface provides a tailored routine which enables WORHP users to conveniently model and solve optimization problems in the Matlab programming environment. It can also be used to solve optimization problems that are not tractable with its various builtin minimization routines.

Future versions of WORHP may also include drop-in replacement interfaces for Matlab's builtin minimization routines.

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